COVID-19 Response

For decades, the Warburg Pincus Foundation has been an active supporter of non-profit charitable, cultural, educational, and research-focused organizations within the communities we operate. 

In response to the current unprecedented medical and economic crisis caused by COVID-19, the Warburg Pincus foundation made significant donations to those supporting front-line healthcare workers, providing emergency cash to the most financially impacted, proactive healthcare initiatives to aid the most vulnerable, and organizations addressing hunger and domestic violence. Warburg Pincus expanded its employee giving programs to allow colleagues to have a positive impact on a variety of non-profits, expanding well past those just in the healthcare sector. The firm also initiated a donation matching program to support portfolio companies’ charitable efforts in their own communities.

In addition to supporting the broader community, the firm has been working to support our investors, employees, and portfolio companies as we work to navigate this difficult time. Beginning early in the pandemic, Warburg Pincus hosted calls with leading health experts to brief both internal staff and senior executives at portfolio companies on the evolving COVID-19 situation. The firm has been leveraging legal, operations, and crisis management experts to share best practices and insights on topics ranging from navigating the health and safety of workers, employee communication and engagement during remote work, cybersecurity, the importance of mental health, and return to work strategies. In addition to group calls and one-on-one work, Warburg Pincus also shared these and other resources to portfolio companies through a COVID-19 portal, which is frequently updated to include the latest available resources.

Warburg Pincus portfolio companies have been working to support their communities and customers. In addition to prioritizing the health and safety of their workers, several of our portfolio companies around the world have been providing a range of healthcare and other services to help combat the spread of the virus and reduce its impact on communities and businesses. 

Warburg Pincus hopes these efforts make a positive difference on the communities in which the firm lives and works and provides help where it is most needed during this extraordinary time.