Our people are our most important asset. The recruitment, development, and retention of a diverse group of talented people with a wide variety of experiences and perspectives is one of our top priorities.

An investing career at Warburg Pincus can span sectors and regions and last decades. For our investing groups, a key goal is to develop a versatile investor: a professional who can develop and pursue a thesis, partner with management, build businesses of scale, and generate the right risk-adjusted returns. Ideally, an investing career at Warburg Pincus would analyze opportunities across the stage of development spectrum and perhaps also work in more than one region. This calls for a high degree of intellectual curiosity, rigorous analytical ability, well-developed communication skills and the ability to work with a wide variety of people.

We also look for top talent to support our operating functions as well. These areas, which – like our investment business – span the globe, include fundraising, accounting and finance, legal and compliance, and the various elements of our investment support activities.

You can hear from some of our investing professionals about their experiences in the video below.