• Sector: Energy
  • Geography: Canada
  • Stage: Growth
  • Investment Year: 2015
  • Exit Year: 2020
  • Website Link

RS Energy Group

In late 2015, Warburg Pincus invested in RS Energy Group (RSEG), a leading provider of energy data, analytics and intelligence in North America. RSEG’s customer base is comprised of oil and gas operators, midstream and services companies, as well as private and public investors in the oil and gas space. At the time of investment, which was a carve-out from a public company, RSEG was exclusively a provider of North American energy research, but Warburg Pincus believed that RSEG had the ability to productize the best-in-class data and analytics underpinning its research to allow oil and gas investors and operators alike to make better, more capital efficient decisions. This belief proved correct as RSEG was very successful during Warburg Pincus’ investment timeframe in transitioning the business to become a workflow integrated data and analytics provider for all stakeholders in the oil and gas sector. During the life of the investment, Warburg Pincus added significant value to RSEG by helping the co-CEOs fill several key executive and Board roles after the initial carve-out, making acquisitions to accelerate software platform development, providing valuable customer introductions, and utilizing the shared services of the firm to help RSEG establish itself as a standalone business post carve-out. Warburg Pincus exited its investment in 2020.


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