We partner with you to build businesses by magnifying impact, accelerating growth, and achieving sustainable scale.

Our legacy of leadership

We are partners for the long-term, building sustainable and responsible businesses that outlast our initial investment. Our legacy unfolds not just as numbers, but as case studies in success.

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A broader, deeper, and more
active model for your success

With more than five decades of growth investing experience, we leverage intellectual capital and financial strength while respecting the ideas that propel you.

The power of global scale
and individual focus

We offer the power of global reach on delivering deep one-to-one partnerships that meet the unique needs of each business.

60% of portfolio value created has
come from increasing operating profits
at the portfolio company level1

1 Based on the firm’s analysis of the sources of its private equity funds’ returns commencing with WPEP (1998) as opposed to the use of financial leverage of multiple expansion

Partnership that builds

Trusting management teams to operate their businesses, we meet our portfolio companies with guidance, resources, and active partnership to empower your strengths, support your capabilities, and drive your expanded growth.