• Sector: Industrial and Business Services
  • Geography: United Kingdom
  • Stage: Growth
  • Investment Year: 2018
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Fortius, based in the UK, is a one-stop network for supply chain risk management for companies and industry organisations, primarily in the construction, facilities management, transport, and energy end-markets. The Fortius offering is underpinned by a SaaS supplier management system and an extensive pre-existing network of over 50,000 suppliers (providers of services) and 4,000 buyers (procurers of services). Fortius enables buyers to identify, vet and engage with a pool of 50,000+ ‘pre-qualified’ suppliers (providers of services), who have been vetted by Fortius in accordance with a range of industry standards and regulation. Buyers can utilise the platform to assess suppliers on a variety of risk criteria, including health & safety incidents, environmental policies, anti-bribery / corruption protections, modern slavery policies, financial profile, and more. In doing so, buyers optimise the efficiency of their supply chain management processes, while mitigating financial, reputational, and regulatory risks.